Welcome to the Ranks Page of the Magical Squad!

Here, the troops of PH can find their rank. To get a promotion, you must recruit, attend battles and be active and loyal! To find your rank, press Ctrl+F and enter your CP username. Once you join the army, you will be added to the ranks within 24 hours.


US – Purple || Euro – Blue || Aus/Asia – Green


r15 – Commander-in-Chief – r15

Bandage23 || A1710 , Funny

r14 – Field Marshal – r14

r13 – General –  r13


r0 – Brigadier –  r0


r12 – Colonel –  r12

r11 – Lieutenant Colonel –  r11

r10 – Major –  r10


r9 – Captain –  r9

r8 – Lieutenant – r8

r7 – Warrant Officer – r7

r5 – Sergeant Major – r5

m0 – Master Sergeant – m0

r4 – Sergeant – r4

r3 – Corporal – r3

r2 – Private First Class – r2

r1 – Private – r1


– Advisers –

All former leaders and high ranks.

  1. Bandage, I have to tell something. 2 things actually. On July 7, I need to join the Asia division.2nd thing, I don’t go by zambi4. I go by flipastro.


  2. well we need more members for UK division we have only 1 lol


  3. bandage I am tried of takeing orders from Justin he is the biggest army hopper of all time he recruited for the nachos on ms chat and he did not creat ms he should not be main owner


  4. ok and there is a glich every time I get on ms chat I get baned even when I get unbaned when I leave chat and come back I am baned again


  5. Hey guys happy mothers day!!!!


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