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Moving to new Site

Hello, troops!

We are moving to a new site since many people have found this site to be malicious. Chrome used to show this message since this website was sponsored by, a CP-related forum created by ThinkNoodles. So, our site had a banner which went to the above external link which doesn’t belong to WordPress. As a result, the malicious message keeps popping up. Anyways, our new site is . Everyone is requested to check and bookmark our new website to follow the events and more news.




>>Magical Monday Training Session<<

Hey MS !

Tomorrow we will have a Training Session! More info:

>>>Magical Monday Training Session<<<

Server: Snowmobile

Date: 21 April 2014

Times: 5:30 pm IST

12 noon GMT

8 am EST

7 am CST

6 am MST 

5 am PST

6 pm NST

Promotion @ 6+


Comment if coming!

UK Training Session and AUSIA Ace ~Results

Hey MS!

Stats corner :

<<UK training Session Result >>

Maxed ~ 5

Averaged~ 4

Tactics Success ~ 75 percent

Consistency ~ 59 percent




<< AUSIA Ace Result>>

Maxed~ 3

Averaged~ 2

Tactics Success ~ 100 percent

Consistency~ 95 percent

UK Training pics










AUSIA Ace pics~







Training Session Result

Hey MS!

Today we logged in to Alaska ( 4 Bar server) and we did some good tactics.

Maxed : 7

Averaged :4

Tactics Success: 45 %

Consistency : 90%

Pics will be uploaded on Saturday at 7 pm IST.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


Saturday’s Event:

SMAP AUSIA Ace Tourney

Date: 19 April 2014

Server: Sherbet , TBA

Times: 4:30 pm IST,  8 pm JST  , 11 am GMT , 12 noon BST .

MS Super Saturday Training Session~19 April 2014 《 For more info please refer the previous post》


MS Puffle Ware fare~ 19 April 2014 《 Timings abd servers are already posted》



***Invasions Canceled***

Hey MS! The invasions against MB has been called off due to (AUSIA) unfavorable timings! No events today. Here’s the new schedule:

Promotion event

17 April 2014

Server: To be announced on chat

Times: 7:30 pm IST, 2:00 pm GMT

Magical Tricks: 10 Tricks

Chat Recruiting 

18 April 2014

Servers: (No server) Be on our chatbox

Times:7:30 pm IST. , 2 pm GMT

Magical Tricks: 8 Tricks


Owners Meeting

19 April 2014

Server: MS Chatbox

Times: 7:30 pm IST , 2 pm GMT , 10 am EST

SMAC Ausia Ace Timings

Server: Sherbet

Timings: 4:30 pm IST , 9:00 pm JST

Magical Tricks: 15 Tricks!

Comment if coming or not!

Owners plz change the scroller message if you are online!


Events for this week

  Day       ~   Event.       ~    Times

Monday. ~  Recruiting Session ~   11:00 am IST , 5:30 am GMT

Tuesday~ Recruiting Session~ 7:00 pm IST , 1:30 pm GMT, 9:30 am EST

Wednesday ~Invasion of  Migrator.* ~  5 pm IST , 11:30 am GMT , 7:30 am EST

Thursday~ Invasion of Sabertooth.* ~ 5 pm IST , 11:30 am GMT , 7:30 am EST

Friday~ Invasion of Hypothermia*~5 pm IST , 11:30 pm GMT , 7:30 am EST

Saturday~Recruiting Session~ 11:30 am IST , 6 am GMT


* means PR and MS will together invade and the servers will be shared!

Works assigned to owners~ This week: 

Bandage23. : Get new site GFX.

A1710        :  Post a new Medal system . Add a medals page and keep the Medals log. In short, u will be the Medals updater

Flipfloper14: Diplomatic relations Officer.

Justinfrosta: Chat Editor.

SMAC Spring Supermacy tourney ~ Round 1 ~ Victory

Hey MS!

Today we had a battle against Rocky Raiders! And……..  WE HAVE WON IT!


First of all, I would like to ask for apology for posting wrong IST time. It should have been 4:30 pm IST .But SMAC  should have posted the time as 12 pm UK ( not 12 pm  GMT). So there was a mix up!


MS troops logged in a bit late I’d say. But its ok!  I was alone during the time SMAC was taking pics. Others came way too late! We had an AUTO~WIN as RR werent even online! Adro , SMAC CEO , had declared it as MS victory!!!


Lets move towards stats:

Maxed: 3

Averaged: 1

Chat size: 4

Tactics Success %: 80%

Consistency: 35 %


Sorry I didn’t take the pic as my computer was lagging! XD


Next Week: Site Redesigning and Recruitment Week.


Unscheduled AUSIA Training Session Result

Hey MS!

Today we logged on to Yukon ( 1 bar Server) and we did some good tactics!

We maxed 10 to 11

Averaged 8

Chat size 11 to 13

Here are the pics:

















Comment if u came!

SMAC Spring Supermacy tourney

Rocky Raiders vs Magical Squad

Date: 4 -13 – 2014 Sunday

Server: Klondike

Time: 12 noon GMT

5:30 pm IST

8 am EST

7 am CST

6 am MST

5 am PST

Owners chat meeting at 3 pm GMT .( 8:30 pm IST,  11 am EST). 

Next Week : Site Redesigning and recruitment Week

SMAC Spring Supermacy Tournament Times

Hey MS,

We have been entered into the SMAC Spring Supermacy Tournament! We are in D Division and is the most easiest divisions according to me! The only one we should be looking at is MW who can be a threat to MS! Here’s our division:

Division D

Metal Warriors

Rocky Raiders

Magical Squad

Pizza Republic

I will be posting the image of the rules section from SMAC site soon!

We will be facing all the armies in the division once. A win will be 2 points. A tie will be 1 point. And a loss will be 0 points.

First battle:

Rocky Raiders vs Magical Squad

Date 4/13/2014

Room: Forts

Server: Klondike

Times: 12:00 pm GMT

8:00 am EST

5:30 pm IST


I expect 6+ for this event! Comment if coming

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